Monday, April 09, 2007

Narcissus and Muscari


gaz. arrggg! said...

well wa da ya know, daffs and muscs! a little taste of england.

Scott said...

Yes, you can say that I was inspired by your photos!

Adolfo said...

Scott thank you very much for your comment. I (we) are very proud/happy with you guys the way you are handling it in such a nature and not in a 'tabooing' way--to me that's the ridiculous. I totally agree with not going into 'very detail- birds and bees' at their age- Although there are some kids that are more awaken than others. My point was why were they lying?-- I erased that entry. yesterday I was going nuts when I knew my brothers' reactions. Chuck was in Atl. The truth is that I was boiling in a glass of water. I reacted and wrote it to take it out. I have other good things to focus to waste my time. I shouldn't have posted it. I just need it a bit of time to cool down. Once again, thank you for being as you are. You both are a marvelous couple (family), and we love you guys very much :-)

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