Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Luke's School Performance

Luke had his first musical performance at school this evening. His class performed various musical numbers, doing a little singing, xylophone and tambourine playing, and dancing. The kids were really cute, but my video was too long to put onto YouTube, so I will just have to post the photo, above.


Adolfo said...

Luke is so well behaved. How are Luke's vocals? improving? or is he still into the rock-band mode? We still remember "Big black boooootss! Long blond haair! She is so sweeeeeet! Like her staiii!... It is style, but he says staiii" cute!
Hugs to all!

Scott said...

Yes, I remember when Luke got into trouble with Grandma for singing that song. She thought he was singing, "Big black booooobs!"

Hey, whatever rocks ya!

adolfo said...

lol. Yes! Big black boobs, long blond hair,she is so sweet! She is Lil' Kim! -- That's what Chuck added after Mom's comment. We all laughed at Chuck comments and Mom's misunderstanding. Luke had no clue. The adult minds are amazing, lol

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