Saturday, April 28, 2007

Game Day

The Giants played the Blue Jays today, but unfortunately it was the Blue Jays walking away with the win. Not to be too discouraging, the boys played well, and our own little #1 had a few very nice plays.

In the fourth inning, playing third, bases loaded, the hitters kept driving the ball right to Luke. Time after time, he only had to run over, catch the ball, and tag-up on the base. Clockwork. Instead of three up, three down, it was three up, three on base, three more up, three down, inning over. I really think third base is Luke's best position, and probably his favorite.

There was also his hitting, which suffered from inconsistent coach's pitches, but he did finally connect with the ball in the sixth inning, sending a nice line drive to third (where else?). When Luke drives it to third, he gets on base. When he alternatively hits it to first (the only other place he hits it to), the ball beats him to the bag.

Luke got on base, but unfortunately for him, the next kid pop flied out, and Luke got caught too far from the base--for the third and final out.

It's okay not to win, as long as they're having fun and learning something. After the game, I was trying to have one of those Fatherly Encouragement Moments, when one of the team mom's yelled, "Snacktime!" and Luke was gone.

So much for coaching. Enjoy those Oreos.

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