Monday, April 30, 2007

Eddie and Luke and their New Chums

Well, it seems the boys' new blogs have inspired a new pen-pal-style relationship between the boys and some friends they've now got in Britain [1] [2]. Eddie and Luke are really very excited with their new blogs, because they now have a ton of communication with their uncles and grandmothers, but the communication from "over the pond" (as Luke enjoys saying) has been particularly exciting.

I think it's great. These new blogs have encouraged the boys to read and write each night, and that can't be a bad thing. And for now, the idea of having instant communication with pen-pals, and all our beloved family, has the boys begging me to put up their photos and videos each night. But first, there are rat cages to be cleaned, boys to be bathed, homework to be done... we must keep our priorities!

Rest assured, there are about 20 photos and three fun little videos on the camera just waiting to be posted, as soon as the boys find time in their busy routines. It's always very interesting to see things from their perspective, so --- Stay tuned!

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