Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Point

I stopped back by The Point Smoothie bar this morning after my swim. Time for breakfast and a protein smoothie. This place is awesome! Cindy (the nice Korean gal who greeted us yesterday) remembered my name, calling me Scotty, which always makes me happy when the ladies do that.

We ate breakfast and after finishing, I ran out to my car to grab my camera. I explained that I have this blog, and would they mind if I took a photo? Cindy and the others were more than happy to oblige. So I snapped this photo, and upon finishing, Cindy reached out for a hug. Oh, crap. A hug. I'm not totally comfortable with these situations, but here it comes! Get ready!

I was nervous, and trying to get my camera wrist strap off my wrist. Fumbling with the camera while the embrace was coming in for a landing, I accidentally grazed her boob with my hand, and sent my camera scudding down the sidewalk.

She laughed at me, saying, "Awww, I made you nervous!"

At this point, my face flushed and turned the color of my berry smoothie, and she hugged me again, and told me to come back for lunch today.

Whew, these people really know customer service! What a great place!

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