Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Platypus

Luke did a great job on his recent project for his school. He was to write a complex report on an animal of his choosing. The animal had to be one from Australia, and he had to write a certain amount about its habitat, its eating habits, its physical description... you get the idea. I love reading Luke's writing, because it's exactly how he talks: "I want to tell you another thing... Here's another thing that you should know."

Luke and I looked up some platypus facts on Wikipedia and Wikifauna. Then, after we collected our research, Luke decided what the relevant facts were, and I let him use the word processor to write his report. He wrote the report completely by himself. I only helped him spell check it at the end.

Then, he was to make a three dimensional model of his animal, and Becky provided him some modeling clay to do that part of the job. He created the platypus model completely on his own. (I was blogging, so you know I wasn't helping him any!) I am really impressed with what he came up with.

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