Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ein Bier und Sechs Schnecken!

Occasionally, all one really asks of life is a really nice dinner. Never mind the Body For Life--just for tonight.

Dinner tonight was at the Kaiserhof restaurant. This is bound to be one of those places that becomes a regular, must-visit stop on every trip out here. For one, I love German food. Two, I rarely get it because it's not exactly healthy, and Becky doesn't really prefer it. Three, it's like five minutes from the hotel. So, since I'm out here, alone, and left to my own devices, well, what's to stop me?

Most of the guys from the meetings today joined us for beers and dinner. Dinner was delicious and authentic. I started with Kaiserhof Kölsch beer, then had an appetizer of Schnecken (even got Matt to try one. Good job, Matt!), then Salat, Spätzle, and Schweinerschnitzel. I had to skip dessert because I was full by the end of the Schnitzel. Ich habe genug!

Dinner was good, but I had to beg off early because one of the Marines in the meeting wants to take me swimming with him early tomorrow morning. The guy trains with a bunch of Navy SEALs, so I expect he's going to kick my butt up and down.

I ate my huge dinner tonight secure in the knowledge that whatever calories I put on would be paid back in spades tomorrow morning at oh five hundred.

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