Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Traveling again...

Wednesday morning finds me again on the road--this time in Pensacola. I've never been to Pensacola before, and haven't had a chance to see anything but the Interstate yet, so not really much to report.

I'm staying at the Crowne Plaza, which I must say is a very nice hotel. Nice restaurants, big plush featherbed, clean and elegant rooms, very posh. The hotel is situated walking distance from several very nice restaurants (and at least one Gentlemen's Club, not-that-I-would-visit-one-of-those-thankyouverymuch). Last night, we ate at McGuire's, which is a really popular Irish style steakhouse. The food was delicious, and I will probably just eat there again tonight and tomorrow night.

My room is situated exactly over the train tracks, and several times in the night, the trains would whistle as they went under my room. (I have an actual video of this, I swear, the train is going right under my room!) For some reason, perhaps it's because I grew up near train tracks in Germany, the sound of the train doesn't disturb my sleep. I mean, I wake up enough to register it, but can then go right back to sleep.

I'll have some pictures to show later, but I forgot the transfer cable for my camera, so those will have to wait.

Later on in the week, I will be able to visit with Uncle Butch, who lives in the area. He's going to take me to (where else) McGuire's for dinner. I haven't seen Uncle Butch since Grandpa died, so it will be nice to see him again.

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