Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Last Friday, I had a small surgery to remove what might turn out to be a basal cell carcinoma. (James may think I'm just trying to copy Barry).

The excision was virtually pain free, and took all of 15 minutes from the injection of the anesthetic to the final suture. I have three stitches, as you can see. The incision was about one centimeter long.

Hopefully, all will turn out for the best. Basal cell carcinomas, if that's what it turns out to be, are a very harmless form of skin cancer. But it will serve to remind me to slather up in SPF 90 more often then I do presently.


JamesF said...

I think there's a throwaway line in Robocop 2 (which is suppose to be set many years in the future) where they talk about using sunblock with SPF 100. This was years and years ago and I think was suppose to be a commentary on how we were destroying the ozone layer and the planet would soon effectively be uninhabitable. It was pretty funny then since they were obviously throwing that in for comedic effect. Sadly the idea of SPF 100 doesn't seem that far fetched anymore.

Scott said...

There was some scifi book or movie, I cannot remember which, that had all the people evolved to a point where they had metallic "sunblock" in their skin because the outside environment was so harsh. Every human had a coppery tint to their skin.

You're more into scifi than I am, perhaps you remember which story that was.

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