Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Snow!

We got a few light flurries this morning, but while we were at church (from about 10:30 until noon), we got what must be about six inches of snow. All during church, I kept looking out the window thinking, man, this stuff is really coming down!

After church, we had the daunting task of shoveling, but luckily, this was light and fluffy stuff. Much better than the ice of last week. But first, we had to shovel out the driveway to get into the garage. The town usually does a nice job of plowing, but this time, they left a three foot mountain of snow that we had to remove before we could pull into the drive.

Here are some videos and photos from the day. Notice, Becky's doing all the shoveling, and I'm doing all the picture taking. Also, Luke's sculpture is called, "Fifi, the Wonder Poodle."

Finally, once we got back inside, we rewarded ourselves with a nice fortified Irish coffee and some of Eddie's piano practice.

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