Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lunch with Jim and Mark

About 11:00 today, Jim came over to pick me up for lunch. Our destination was Picadilly's Brew Pub in Winchester, where we were to meet our friend from college, Mark.

Before we set out, I poured Jim some of the Scottish ale that Desi gave me last weekend. The ale was really good stuff. The ales are supposedly from old historic recipes, and come in a surprising variety: elderberry black ale, Kelpie seaweed ale, gooseberry ale, spruce and pine ale, and a really nice heather ale. Jim and I sampled the spruce and pine ale and the heather ale and really enjoyed it.

At lunch, we met up with Mark, who is now a practicing Ob-Gyn. (We were amazed by his job, and spent several hours asking juvenile questions about his profession. I'll spare you those questions here!)

We spent lots of time remembering all those old stories that bore all of our wives. Like the bet I reneged on where I was supposed to streak across campus if I got a 3.2 grade point average. Or like the time Jim cleared his stomach (and nose!) on Mark's girlfriend's (now wife) parent's floor. Or like the time that Jim and I shared a "special moment" in the doorway of our dorm room. Or like all the times that Jim showed us what Head and Shoulders shampoo really was. Yeah, good times.

It was great to see Mark again. We hadn't seen him for about five years, and now they live a little closer, so perhaps we'll be seeing more of each other.

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