Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stick a Yellow Ribbon on Your SUV

This one is for Sharon... we were talking about this video last night, and she hadn't seen it. I'm not going to embed the video in the blog this time, because the video has some pretty adult language in it, and I do have some younger readers.

If you're offended by the F-bomb, younger than say 13, or really politically conservative, don't hit this link. Otherwise, enjoy:


sharon said...

thank-you for posting this scott It was really good. I puts two pet peeves into one song (magnetic ribbons and suvs).

Sandi said...

I found this link to be extremely offensive!!! To trivialize & make a song about the troops who have been injured & permanently maimed, so that we don't have terrorists on our shores show a total lack of appreciation for the sacrifices they have made so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have!!! I am ashamed that you would even put the link on your web site just to go along with the liberals in your area!!!

Scott said...


I warned you not to hit the link.

You totally missed the point of the song. The singers are making fun of the hypocritical people here in the USA that continue to support the gasoline habit with their expensive SUVs which breeds a dependence on foreign oil that our troops are dying for. And they get away with sticking a yellow ribbon on their SUV to make themselves feel better rather than sacrificing their own sons and daughters to this pointless and bloody war. Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism except that we're making terrorists over their by the countryful.

Chuck said...

Thanks for the reminder of why I should continue to take the bus.

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