Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last night in San Diego

This is my last night in San Diego, and all I can say is I went to this really kitschy Sushi restaurant in Mission Beach with my co-worker, Jay. The restaurant had average quality sushi, but at least the prices were low. The highlight was the train of boats that rotated around the bar bringing the different varieties of sushi to the patrons. The kids would have loved it, but I'm afraid they would have cleaned me out trying one piece from every boat.


JamesF said...

So is some high quality video let me tell you. Was the big red pixel the boat? :-)

Just kidding, I assume the video was taken with your phone?

Scott said...

Yeah, my phone... best I could get from it. The whole video was 76K.


Adolfo said...

Wow! boats on the trains! I assume this is the American version of the Japanese 'train' concept. If boats are offered on the trains, I'll go with the Americans. thank you very much. Love sushi/sea food, yum!

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