Monday, December 04, 2006

Silent Nights

Tonight, after dinner, the boys were noodling around on the piano. So I came over and grabbed the simplest piece of music I could find, "Silent Night". I showed them which keys were which on the piano, "C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C", and then showed them the corresponding notes on the sheet music.

Within five minutes, they were playing it on their own. Here are the results:


JamesF said...

It's like watching a game of twister on the piano in the second video.

Adolfo said...

WOW! very good! Eddie is very focused. Luke's video is very cute too.It is a nice video Scott. I love your inside plants. Becky is a good decorator. Eddie's letter is very interesting and unique just like him. Two thumbs up for the little ones!

Sandi said...

Get that piano tuned & put the boys in Susuki piano lessons. Carroll can help you find a teacher. Eddie & Luke have such a musical gift, it would be a shame not to nurture it with piano lessons! Don't let them regret that they never pursued it like you have!
ADOLF- I used to be able to do a good back bend when I was as YOUNG & THIN as you are - "in the good old days! You are just too cute!!!

Adolfo said...

Thank you Sandi! & once again, thank you very much for the calendar!

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