Thursday, December 14, 2006

Geography Matters

I'm proud to say that Eddie participated in his school's Geography Bee, and he even took an honorable mention. The bee had some pretty hard questions. For example: Which west African nation produces the most oil? Nigeria, of course! Pretty tough stuff for elementary school. I'm proud of him. I've always thought geography didn't get enough attention in most schools, but Eddie seems to have inherited my love for the subject. And his school does an admirable job teaching it.

Luke is no slouch at geography either. The following is a picture Luke drew of various of his favorite flags. If you look closely, you can identify a smiley-faced version of Old Glory, two different versions of the flag of Scotland, the Virginia state flag, and (for this one, I'm especially proud), the 1620's version of the Royal Ensign. What I'm most proud of is that Luke knows it's the flag of the Royal Navy.

Good job, boys!

(By the way, I have no idea why Luke's flags adorn a paper sack. I suppose that the inspiration just hit him, and he had to draw on whatever he had handy!)

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