Sunday, December 17, 2006

Don't worry, Mary. I'll take care of the sheep.

Today was kids' Christmas pageant at church. This year, Luke got to play a shepherd... a very integral part of the Christmas story, of course. I would say, the most important part! I mean, without the shepherds, you'd have sheep jumping all over the baby Jesus. And that's just not sanitary.

I've assembled this video from the service. It was fun watching the kids. Some of the highlights are at the beginning, when the little girl in the red dress sings, well, she kinda stands out a bit (minute 1:10). Then, Luke discovers his crook makes a nifty helicopter (around minute 4:00). Later in the video, Luke gets bored with the singing and starts making "googley eyes" at me (around minute 6:40). This part had me in tears when I was showing Becky the video.

Then, Mary and Joseph arrive at the stable, and just like every year it seems, Mary chucks the baby Jesus into the manger like she's spiking a football in the end-zone. The little dolls head bangs against the wooden manger with a very audible clunk (minute 10:35).

Finally, Luke has a "speaking" part with Josh, the other shepherd (around minute 11:45).

The whole video is about 15 minutes long; I think the grandparents will love it.

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