Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Day Before the Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Things were busy around here yesterday. We started off with a little shopping with Grandpa, while Grandma and Becky went off alone together shopping. The highlight of our trip was stopping in at TGI Fridays to get some french-fried green beans with wasabi ranch dip. Yum.

While shopping, we picked up a couple of presents for the boys. Eddie bought a musical keyboard, and the following impromptu performance video is quite amusing.

Then, later, I took Luke to the roller skating rink for a little exercise with his friend, Henry. This was good for 90 minutes or so, until I got bored, and we had to come back home.

Then, around dinnertime, Grandma and Grandpa took us to Mario's for some delicious pasta. Grandpa and I had our favorite Possilipo (big bowl of shellfish and noodles).

After supper, we all went over to Sharon's for a little holiday social hour with cookies and treats. This was especially fun, and visiting with the normal gang plus Pam's mom and dad was really nice. (Even if I did peter out by 9:45.)

Sharon and Desi's beautiful tree.


Barry said...

What kind of roller rink is that? And why the photoshop job on Luke?

Scott said...

That's just our local hometown roller rink... not too fancy, but serves its purpose.

And I'm surprised you noticed the photoshop on Luke... I did a motion blur to make him look like he's moving really fast. (At least, that was the intent.)

Sandi said...

it looks like the boys are enjoying the days leading up to hristmas. I like Kathleens haircut & color. It is very becoming to her! Luke does a really good job with his skating. I still say, you need to give at least Eddie piano lessons. He clearly has an interest in it!

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