Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmastime Ornaments

The ornaments are now on the tree. Our tradition is to put on some Christmas songs on the stereo, and hang the ornaments up on the tree. We play the music nice and loud to drown out the yelling from Dad:

"Stop grabbing!"

"Put that one down!"

"Careful! It's fragile!"

"Luke, reach for a higher branch!"

"Eddie, stop playing with the ornaments!"

That and Becky's returning back, "Okay, hun... It's okay, hun."

I guess the holidays are a little stressful. It's just that I see these boys breaking everything to bits.

Eddie likes to stand on top of the piano bench and lean waaaaaaaaaaay out over the tree to try to get his ornaments on the topmost branch, and I see him bringing the whole darn thing down on top of him.

Luke is the opposite. All of his ornaments are hung in a ten inch band exactly at his eye level.

If I let them hang ornaments unsupervised, and if the tree were still standing after that, we'd have two bands of ornaments, one at the top, one at the bottom, bracketing an otherwise totally empty tree.

But, somehow, the result is always perfect.

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