Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Potpourri

This post has a whole lot of odds and ends from the weekend. I couldn't figure out a consistent theme, so I present them here as a loose collection of writings and photos.

Above is Becky's ship, the Santa Maria. Eddie has a school play this week, and Becky got enlisted to do the stage props. After stalking the local appliance store's dumpster for two weeks to find a suitably large box, she finally found one, cut it out, and painted it. Then, her Dad, who's here for the week, went nuts making PVC masts with dowel yards. Becky sewed some sails, painted a Spanish cross; Ed rigged up a crow's nest out of an old wicker hat, and voila!


This morning, we went to church with Kathleen and Ed, and the boys wanted to wear tartan ties. Eddie is seen here wearing the MacGregor tartan, honoring his mother, while Luke is wearing his father's Campbell of Loudoun.

Notice also that Luke (aka Mr. Fancypants) has his new golden buttons on his blazer!


Saturday night, we went to see Borat with Sharon and Desi. I don't want to give anything away, so I will simply say that we loved it. It was hilarious and very shocking!


Can you guess who this is? It's not Eddie, though the resemblance is very remarkable. Becky took the picture to choir practice on Thursday night, and the ladies in the choir thought it might be me. Nope. I was as blonde as flax when I was a kid.

It's Ed, Eddie's Grandpa, circa 1948.


Finally, here's a story of punishment and redemption. After lunch on Saturday, I was eager to take a quick hour long nap. So I offered to the boys to watch some Spongebob Squarepants while I caught a few winks. As is always the case, they lasted about thirty minutes, when I was awakened by their squabbling downstairs. I hollered down at them to be quiet and stop fighting.

They quieted down for all of two minutes and started back up. So I hollered down at them once more, and told them both to come upstairs.

"Luke, you go to your room! Eddie, you go to yours! No more Spongebob!"

I settled back down to sleep, and after about another 15 minutes, I half noticed a shuffling in the room, and then a light tapping on my door. (Nevermore?)

I looked up, but there wasn't anybody there. The boys were supposed to be in their rooms, but someone had paid me a visit. Then, I noticed this note on my blanket. It was very sincere, for I had taken away their Spongebob, and they were truly sorry!

I called the boys in, forgave them and sent them back downstairs to watch their show, and gave up on my nap.

By the way, if one analyzes the apology note, it's clear to see who's the mastermind behind it. Both boys have about the same handwriting, but only Eddie calls Luke "Lucas." He has ever since Luke was born, and not even Luke calls himself that.

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