Friday, November 17, 2006

Luke and the Colonel

We had a special guest speaker tonight at our Cub Scout den meeting.

Col. O1iver N0rth was kind enough to talk to the boys about the history of Virginia, particularly around where we live. For instance, did you know that George Washington, when he was sixteen years old, led a survey crew from Alexandria to Winchester, mapping out what is now Route 7? We also learned about Gen. Washington's friend, Daniel Morgan, who was a frontiersman, fighting hostile Indians and Frenchmen.

The highlight of the Colonel's speech was when he showed the boys his 1803 Jeb Stuart rifle. It was an antique muzzle loaded, flint-lock rifle, and each boy got to hold this 200 year old relic. Quite a treat!


Barry said...

Big gun.
Also, it's Lt. Col North ;-)

JamesF said...

And why the crazy leet spelling of his name?

Scott said...

I want to protect the man's privacy... he's such a controversial figure, and he did a kindness to the cub scout den in speaking to us, so I wanted to respect his privacy by making it hard to for search engines to find his picture.

Sandi said...

So did you have to get such a fuzzy picture of him? Was that to protect his privacy too?

Sharon said...

did the boys get to ask him geography questions, specifically about the rainfall and terrain of Nicaragua or some civics info. like the recent political rebirth of Daniel Noriega?

Adolfo said...

I have a personal issue about kids learning/using guns. I am more on Eddie's side

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