Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have all the family here--well, almost all. Dad had to stay back in New Ulm, so we miss having him with us.

It's been a great, very chaotic day. Six children, three dogs, and five adults makes for a full house! As always, Becky outdid herself with a glorious bird, beautifully browned and moist and juicy inside. Along with it, we had asparagus, corn, stuffing (Yankee and cornbread), mashed potatoes, gravy, relishes, pickles, cranberry sauce, beets, and five kinds of pie: raspberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan and sour cherry. Quite the feast indeed!

This year, we started a tradition where we set out a basket with blank index cards. Through the day, people were encouraged to write down on the cards what they were thankful for. Then, during dinner, we read out all the entries:

Here are the photos from the day:


JamesF said...

That's the same phone we have in our house! But ours is hanging on the wall. We have another one like that upstairs too.

Barry said...

That Thomas and Percy with the Dragon is a good one.

Adolfo said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Goddess bless

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