Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results

I am happy with the resounding thump the Republican's took in the elections last night. As a Republican myself, I think we veered far off course in the past six years, and ultimately this will be healthy for the Republicans to refocus as a party. Tough love had to be applied.

The Republican party had become the party of social intolerance and morality legislators. They were further saddled with an incompetently run Iraqi war and an exploding deficit. Fiscal responsibility went out the window long ago.

I urge caution, though, for any cocky Democrats coming out of this election. The Democrats won this election by default. The Republicans lost it, lost it big, and lost it for good reasons. The Democratic voters, myself included this time, were voting against the Republicans. A message had to be sent to stop the corruption and incompetence.

As I mentioned in the Dick Armey article a few days ago, let's hope the Republicans absorb this message: that the party needs a more centrist and less idealogical leaning. And, for Christ's sake, please leave the evangelical stuff in the church, where it belongs!!

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