Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

The Wolfes, Harrises, and Hallajes.

Hello, my name a Borat. This my pumpkin head son and Luke Skywalker, Jedi.

A really cool composite of our pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!!


Barry said...

Nice Jedis

JamesF said...

I like the pumpkin shot. For whatever reason (lack of time I believe) we didn't do pumpkin carving this year.

Sandi said...

I'm happy to see you all had a nice Halloween - we had 20 degree temperatures with wind & one lone trick or treater. Dad took the treats to work with him today!!

Adolfo said...

Borat indeed! lol. That is funny! Yes, the movie was rude. DO NOT BRING THE BOYS to see it! The smurf in our halloween has created some stir...Overall people seem to love it! Chuck described her as " 'universal appealing'... there is 'something' for everyone" Did the boys get lots of candy? Trick or treat in our neighbourhood has a bit different meaning... just a bit. The jedis seem to have a great time!

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