Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to Sandra Marie, born a mere <***censored***> years ago today! I do hope that today will be a great day for her! Like a fine Cabernet, she's getting better with every year that passes!

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Sandi said...

Boy those are some OLD photo's - where in the world did you find those? I'm not even sure that I have copies of those. I wish I was that size again!

Scott said...

I found my old scrapbook--the one that I put together myself when I was (judging from the age of the photos) probably nine or so. (Just about Eddie's age today.)

Really takes you back, doesn't it? Had you forgotten about Stein's Babenhausen Beauties?!

Adolfo said...

Happy Birthday Sandi! Cool pics! On the first picture Sandi looks very much like Eddie with a different hair style (same eyes & smile)- amazing!

JamesF said...


More skantily clad chicks! Great post!

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