Friday, September 01, 2006

School Days are Approaching

We just returned from the open house at the boys' elementary school. What a zoo! I am definitely demophobic. All these moms, kids and a few dads were wandering the halls bumping into each other. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

But, it was nice to meet the boys' teachers, and both boys look like they have a great year ahead of them.

Luke's teacher is a brand new teacher, and she seems really excited to be starting. She had all the stuff laid out on all the desks, names on them, and had prepared a scavenger hunt that they boys could do to explore the room. Luke really seemed to like her.

Eddie's teacher was nice too, and apparently, she's really an interesting person. Our neighbor, Pam, heard her speaking once at a meeting, and Pam remarked that she could sit there and listen to her for hours. Another bonus for Eddie is that his friend Tao Tao will be in his class again this year!

With over 700 kids at their school (and seven first grade classes this year), the boys are definitely in the big leagues.

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