Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It Came!!!! The Kilt is HERE!!!!


Aye, I'm a wee bit excited. My hand-tailored Ancient Campbell (Campbell of Argyll, specifically) tartan kilt has arrived! I've been waiting for so long to get it, so I was absolutely dumbstruck (well, not really dumbstruck, but giddy perhaps) when I walked through the door and saw this:

I jumped right into opening the parcel, and me wee little laddie, Luke, couldn't keep his hands off me sgean dhu. (The wee knife I keep in my sock.)

Here's all that was in my parcel:

The belt (not shown), rabbit fur sporran, and strap.

The sgean dhu.

And, of course, the Ancient Campbell of Argyll tartan kilt, sized Scott Harris.

Luke, of course, was unable to resist the sgean dhu.

Here I am modeling the kilt, though I will note that I was too excited to pull out the proper socks, flashes, shirt and tie. Purists will please forgive me. It was only a quick fitting.

And here is my reaction to the first time someone laughed at me in my new kilt. Call my knees knocky?! Aye! You'll want a piece of me sgean dhu!

I can't wait to head down to the Exxon station in this baby!

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