Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

I must say that today's first day of school didn't turn out quite as I would have expected. Sure, the boys got up alright--not too much moaning about the early hour, or the hustle to get teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, clothes on, and out the door. They got onto the bus just fine and headed off to their first day of school.

Then, not two hours later, Eddie told his teacher that he didn't feel well. She asked him to come up to the front, and on his way, BLLLECK! He threw up all over the floor. Yes, my son got the dubious honor of being the first kid to throw up, and hence, the first kid sent home from school. I guess we tried out that new school nurse. So, Eddie spent his day like so:

Luke had an otherwise normal first school day and was thrilled to have pizza and oranges in his school lunch. He was most distressed, however, to learn that first grade involves spending lots of time at his desk. Oh, the misery!

After work, I got home and received a welcome surprise birthday present from the LeDucs. They gave me a wonderful pewter kilt brooch with my Clan Campbell crest on it. Ne Obliviscaris! (Never fortget!) I also got a traditional highland gift! A "grow your own caber" seed! Yes, as it says, "The complete 'tossers' guide to growing and throwing an authentic Scottish caber." I guess when you get good at this stuff, you've become a "complete tosser." I'll have to practice on that. But first, I have to get that seed planted.


Barry said...

2 dogs?

Scott said...

First of all, those aren't dogs. They're feral pigs. And one is Frank (the one with the deformed tongue), the other is Mila (our houseguest for the week).

In the picture, you see the pugs in their natural habitat, as you would find them if you stumbled upon a gaggle of them in a woody glen. They would all be nestled together with some hobo and a blanket.

JamesF said...

How's Eddie doing today?

Scott said...

Much better now, thanks.

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