Saturday, August 12, 2006

Short visit to New Ulm

It was a short visit with Mom and Dad in New Ulm. Luckily, the boys got to spend half of the week up here. I was just up here for a day on Friday. Dad had to work, and Mom had various things to do, so I took the boys to Hermann Heights Park, with the famous statue of Hermann the German.

Among my other camera follies, I also forgot to bring the download cable for my camera, so I had to borrow Mom's. She has one of those Kodak Easyshare 6 megapixel cameras. I don't like the video from hers as much, mostly because the aperture is crappy and you get saturation streaks from even moderately lit images. Check out this video as an example.

But before this turns into a camera review blog, I'll get back to our visit. The boys and I scaled the Hermann monument. When you get nearly to the top, you're in this little room and there's a ladder to the roof through a hole no bigger than a car window. (Imagine crawling through a car window to find you're eighty feet in the air.) It was actually pretty scary. Eddie got a little "freaked out" as he put it, and I was able to point out to him that this is exactly what Daddy had experienced on Arthur's Seat. Then we had an understanding between us.

The rest of the day was spent at the local mini-golf place, a failed attempt at going to the pool (they were closed), and a trip instead to Dairy Queen. (Where, incidentally, I saw four extremely fat chicks crammed into a booth eating ice creams. It would have been a great shot for James' Strangers blog, but I thought it would be too crass to snap their photo and use it in that way.)

We also met Dad for lunch at the Larkspur, and then after a very much needed nap, we all went out for dinner at George's. Mom and Dad are good friends with George and Karen, the proprietors. Eddie ate a delicious blue marlin steak, and Luke had salmon. The rest of us had prime rib, well, except for Becky, who had walleye. As always, the food was great, but the piéce-de-resistance was Karen's made-from-scratch German Black Forest Cake. Schmeckt güt!

More pictures when I get home. For now, we're off to Bloomer, Wisconsin.

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