Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flight to China

Eddie got up early this morning and started a flight from Dulles to Hong Kong. He started out in a Cessna, and then tried a DC-3, before deciding that a 747 was really the best way to go.

Eddie had a beautiful takeoff from the runway 1L-19R heading north, and then once he cleared 17,000 feet, I helped him engage the autopilot, and right now we're locked in direct for VHHH (Hong Kong International).

If we leave everything running, we should be there by bedtime.

(Interestingly enough, Eddie took a big detour to go see Santa at the North Pole, so we had to do a little in flight refueling. Isn't it nice that those KC-10 tankers are always ready to refuel, no matter what aircraft, no matter what location?)

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