Monday, August 28, 2006

The Complete Grail

Barry, responding to my recent post about getting a new colleciton of Monty Python DVDs, said:

Does this mean we're going to have to suffer hearing you quote Python bits for the next 6 months? Oy Vay!
Wow, Barry, perfect lead in!

Back in the summer of 1989, I was an intern for Bell Northern Research in Raleigh, North Carolina. During that time, I had a lot of extra time on my hands. In one week that summer, I obsessively transcribed my absolute favorite movie of all time--Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I saved the document for all these years, and I'm sure today you will find a million unauthorized fan sites on the Internet sporting their own copies of the movie transcription. However, I'm proud that I did this one all the way back in 1989 (back when only nerds liked the movie, and it wasn't a major Broadway hit). Also, I've added my own little commentary and trivia into it, making it a bit more of my own.

I don't know if this is copyright infringement, but it's not intended to be. The text is intended to be derivative, and hence, probably falls under "fair use." I'm certainly not intending to make commercial profit off of it, so I think it's probably okay legally.

So, here it is. Just click on the photo of the movie to the left or the link below.

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