Monday, July 17, 2006

Day eight -- Glasgow

It was an early morning departure today from Aviemore. Bill and Steph picked us up one last time to take us down to our hotel near the airport in Glasgow. Really, we were very lucky to spend so much time with Bill and Steph. They are wonderful people, and really made the trip a great experience for us. It's so nice to have the personal guided tour experience, and to have someone willing to make unscheduled stops to see things rather off the beaten path. The picture at right is one near the Cuilie Inn, nothing real extravagent, except that it's just another really neat bridge and salmon stream that we stopped at on day seven.

Today was mostly a day of driving on the highway, and not much to tell, except that we did arrive in Glasgow this afternoon, checked into our hotel, and headed downtown for dinner.

While walking the streets downtown, we stumbled upon an American street performer doing magic tricks and comedy. The guy was pretty good--most of his magic being the slight of hand sort. The boys enjoyed the performance, but there was a point where a drunk Scot came up and started harrassing the fellow, and I thought the Scot might turn over the guy's entire stand and make a real mess of things. I was ready to grab the boys and leave, when the guy was able to talk the guy down and into the crowd to quietly watch (no small feat, that). I gave the boys each £2 to tip him for that trick alone.

After the magic show, we went to the Café Andaluz for tapas for dinner. The cafe was a nice change from Scottish fare, and the tapas were delicious! We had salmon, sea bass, chorizo, pancetta, smoked duck, calamari, chicken croquets, paella and bread and olives. Delicióso!

Tomorrow, we'll go to Edinburgh, and then Sunday we fly out for Iceland.

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