Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What is that SMELL?

There've been reports in Eddie's class that the children are getting a little, ahem, "ripe." What with it being summer and all, I guess their inspiration has turned to perspiration. Mrs. Barbara sent home a note suggesting the parents "address" the issue.

It turned into one of those "father-son" moments... mostly because Becky didn't want to deal with this particular issue. So I brought Eddie into the bathroom, handed him a bottle of my Avon Black Suede (very manly!) roll-on deodorant, and taught him how to apply it, and told him to put it on every morning when he brushes his teeth.

I told Eddie, "You're old enough now, Eddie, you can start using this deodorant. This is some of Daddy's deodorant, and you can be just like me."

Eddie looked quizzically at the deodorant.

Luke was instantly curious, "What's it do?" he interrupted.

"Just wait, Luke, while I explain it to Eddie," I said.

"So, you take the bottle and you stroke it two times up and down your armpit," I continued, "Just two times is enough." I knew if I didn't say this, he'd use half a bottle on each arm.

Eddie diligently applied the deodorant.

"What's it do?" Luke asked again.

"Come and smell," I told Luke.

Luke approached Eddie's outstretched arms and took a deep sniff. Then he wrinkled his nose and backed away fanning at his face. Apparently, he got a good solid whiff of Black Suede.

Without a trace of shame, and almost proudly, Eddie finally answered Luke's question, "I have to use this deodorant because I have B.U."

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