Sunday, June 18, 2006

Garden Blooms

What's blooming in my garden as we approach summer?

Petunias to make a hummingbird crazy with envy, asian lilies, coneflowers, stargazer lilies, Zepherine Drouhin rose (with thistle seeds, that's not poop!), Nastertium, and Becky's Dragon-wing begonia.


Barry said...

nice pictures.

How's eddie's rose?

JamesF said...

You managed to get some nice pictures in there. I am curious, did you use Picasa to lighten some of them? Or were they all that vibrant from the get go?

Scott said...

About half of them were retouched. The lilies were natural light, except the pink ones... The pink ones that were taken in the shade were lightened... My camera casts a blue tint on everything when taking shade pictures... it's one thing I don't like about it. So I have to correct it back to "normal" manually with Picasa.

The one lily in the dark background, I adjusted it for balance, then increased the shadows to make the background go black, then I cast a "glow" effect on it. I think it looks really swell.

Sandi said...

Your flowers are spectacular as usual. I'll have to post a few of mine that are bloomimg. Of course we are so far behind you in our floral blooming!

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