Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eddie's Rose and Father's Day Wrap-Up

Eddie's Purple Tiger J&P roses are progressing nicely. Barry was asking about them, so here they are. It was pretty late to be planting bareroot roses, but I think if we keep them watered, they will do just fine. They look healthy so far, and all the shoots are nice and green.

Father's day today was both fun and chaotic. I received a new Weber grill for father's day, and had fun assembling it, until I realized that I had two totally full obsolete propane cylinders which wouldn't mate with the new grill. After much looking around for an adapter, I was forced to exchange the full tanks for new ones, at the price people pay for returning empty tanks. (Basically, I donate the propane in them to Home Depot... not exactly my desire.)

Then, once I get them home, the first tank I hook up leaks. (I was doing the soap test, like you're supposed to.) Dang-it! So I grab the second tank, and it doesn't leak, which is good, because I don't want this to be a problem with the grill that I just bought! But I still have to trek back to Home Depot to return the tank I just got. Frustrating.

The fun part was when Becky took me and the boys to brunch at Magnolia's. We had prime rib, omelets, pancakes, and (not the natural brunch beverage) a nice tall lager! (Hey, it is father's day, after all.) So that part of the day was pretty nice. It was also really nice to have Eddie helping me put the grill together. He was a big help.

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