Thursday, May 11, 2006

"My Mom" by Eddie

My Mom

My mother is a beautiful waterfall in a national park.
A beautiful waterfall is a sun.
A sun is a beautiful flower.
A beautiful flower is a tree.
A tree is a beautiful front yard.
A beautiful front yard is a sunset.
A sunset is my mother.
My mother is a waterfall.

Love, Eddie


Sandi said...

What a sweet thing for Eddie to write for his Mom. You used to write things like that when you were his age too!

Adolfo said...

Guau! Que impresionante metáfora! Eddie será un buen escritor. Felíz Día de la Madre Becky! De acuerdo al poema, tu eres muchas cosas, pero lo cierto es que eres una mamá de ensueño.
Con cariño,

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