Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Videos: Luke's First T-Ball Game and the Bike Rodeo

Here are a few more videos. The first one is a video of Luke's first T-ball game, the Astros against the Reds. I think Luke's team might have won, but we weren't keeping score.

At the bike rodeo, the gorilla definitely won.


JamesF said...

I have no clue what's going on, and the problem definitely could be somewhere on my machine. But I can't play the videos. Maybe it's the fact that there are three players in there or something (although I wouldn't think that should be affecting anything). But when I start playing it'll play ofr like 2 frames then stops (although it loads the whole video and I can move the mouse through it). I just don't get it showing movement and it's continuously 'paused' even when 'playing'.

I tried it in Mozilla and IE. Same in both.

JamesF said...

It was my machine, a reboot appears to have fixed the problem.

Barry said...

Nice movies. I like the kid (not sure if he was yours) who rounded third and headed straight for the dugout, instead of home. It's funny how much you take certain concepts for granted.

Scott said...

Yeah, that was Luke. They're cute at that age.

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