Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Long Drive Home

I live way too far from work. Even sped up by 4x my drive is still very tedious! This is a scale speed of 240 mph. Wish I could get home in 13 minutes!


Barry said...

I think you rolled through that last stop sign. Gonna have to make a citizen's arrest.

Man you live far away. What was all that green suff you were driving by? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Add 30 more minutes and you have my commute!

Barry, that's called grass and trees. You need to get out of the city more :o)

JamesF said...

What was being listened to? I thought I might have recognized a Yes song in there, but mostly it sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

And for the record, pretty cool concept for a video (although it's still a bit long, maybe you should have sped it up to 960 mph).

Scott said...

What you hear is what was on the radio. 92.5 and 107.3 mostly, then at the end, my book on tape.

If I did the video over, I would probably turn the radio off, so you could just hear the engine noise. Sped up by 4x, the engine sounded cool, like an Indy race car.

I also want to take three more videos, one for each season, then splice them together as I drive home having the seasons change. That's my ultimate concept here.

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