Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eddie's Purple Tigers

Just like his great grandfather, his father, and his great uncle, Eddie has inherited the Guier rose gene. He was looking through my latest Jackson and Perkins catalog and decided that he wanted to use his allowance to buy himself a rose that he could care for. Always tending toward the dramatic, Eddie chose a floribunda rose called Purple Tiger (pictured at left). We finally decided that two roses, kept in planters on the new patio would do nicely.

The roses arrived in today's mail, and we did a father-son project of getting them planted and watered. The canes and roots look really healthy (as always from J&P). They should fill out and start to bloom very soon, perhaps by July.

I also took the time this evening to replace the winter pansies with summer marigolds, and water the rest of my plants. It's really dry right now. What I wouldn't give for four solid days of rain!

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