Thursday, May 18, 2006

Body for Life - Update


Booooyah!!! I haven't weighed 183 since at least 1995.


Diet Woman said...

Well done on the loss!!!!

How's the rest of it going - are you still sore after the workouts?


Scott said...

Not sore like I was. I am still doing the workouts and enjoying them very much, and I am still challenging myself enough that I am very tired and a little bit sore (esp. in the lower body) when I am done.

This program has taught me where my weakest muscles are: my quads!

Scott said...

Diet Woman: By the way, thanks for the compliments!

Diet Woman said...

Its nice to find someone else who is enjoying their BfL and doing so well - so many people give up on it.

My LB is okay (all the walking helps) - my arms are my weakest link!

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