Friday, April 14, 2006

Tai Racket

Okay, so we should rename Tai Shan to Tai Racket. I always knew that hamsters were nocturnal, but I guess I wasn't totally ready for it.

Tai Shan enjoys carrying her food nuggets up into her exercise wheel and leaving them there. Then, about 11pm last night, she decides it's time for a workout. The wheel is rattling like crazy, and ultimately even wakes up Frank, which takes some doing! Frank begins barking like a crazy dog, and I have to get up to shove him back under the covers with Eddie.

Meanwhile, the hamster just keeps on running. Rattle, rattle, clatter, clatter. I'm hoping I can get used to it. If I can sleep through my kids whining, a cuckoo clock and my wife's various forays in the night, I guess I can sleep through a hamster rattling it's wheel too.

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