Friday, April 07, 2006

Help! They're climbing the walls!

Becky had the unenviable task of babysitting five kids today. The boys were out of school today for a teacher's workday before the start of Spring Break. Sharon's kids were also off today, but Sharon had to go someplace this morning while Desi was in Jersey for the day. So Becky watched the kids all day, from 7am til something near 7pm.

We had Desi over for dinner, and the kids were so wild they finally started to literally climb the pillars in our hall. Maura whipped off her shirt--so she could get greater traction on her skin--and shimmied up the pole like an island native.

The rest of the boys were soon to follow, and even Ronan became pretty good at getting up the pillars. Of course, now we have grubby little footprints all over our pillars, which must be cleaned. But it made for some cute pictures.

Later, when everyone had left, we put the boys in the tub (which has amazing effects to calm them down), and they were asleep in their beds pretty quickly after that.

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