Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Service Music

Here's the video of the boys' singing at St. Peter's on Sunday. They both did a great job, but the camera's mic doesn't pick it up too well. I tried to enhance the audio a bit and level out the volumes, remove static, etc., and the audio quality is somewhat improved, but still not perfect.

Eddie had his debut performance in the Choristers, which is a real bona-fide choral instruction group at the church. Mrs. Verdile is giving them formal instruction in voice technique, breathing, reading music, etc. They earn their vestments as they progress further, and they get ribbons and such beyond that. I'm really excited that Eddie is able to take this level of formal training (I think he has such enormous potential), and I'm further excited that it's totally FREE!!!!!! If church singin' is good enough for Whitney, it's good enough for Eddie! Eddie is taking it really seriously and seems to enjoy it quite a bit. Good! Good! Good!

Not to be left out, Luke is in the "Children's Choir". This is a less formal group of just-beginners. Luke enjoys it a lot, and I'm glad he is doing so well. You can see he is really singing here, not just following along. And if you listen real hard, you can hear him standing out from the others.

Regardless of the poor sound quality of my camera, this is some good Eddie and Luke video, for those who are interested in such things!

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