Friday, March 17, 2006

We got one!!!

We caught one! Yes, this morning, I stalked down into the basement, and a mouse was caught in the trap! Knowing that Luke would be keenly interested in this, I waited until after my swim, when Luke would be up, and called him. I instructed him to check the traps... and keep me on the phone.

He checked them off, one by one, and when he got to the one in the basement, he hollers, "We got one!" He was so excited! I was too!

Luke remarked that the "scotch cheese" (he meant swiss) worked well!

I think there are more. All the traps (both floors) are getting cleaned out, even if they don't spring the trap. It's a fine line to get them set properly, and not to put too much bait on them. I think the mice have to "work" to get the bait off to spring the traps.

So! Success! A hunting we will go... A hunting we will go! Hi ho the dairy-o! A hunting we will go!

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