Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Truth about Dubai

I like the story at about The Truth About Dubai. My take-away from this story is this... in the global fight on terrorism, shouldn't we be fostering relations with the moderate and friendly Arabs, and not just fighting the enemy ones? To put it in terms that may be too black and white: I would think we'd be well served to reward the "good" Arabs while we fight the "bad" ones.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mr. Henderson. I have two friends in Dubai who don't know each other and what Henderson wrote is pretty much congruent with what my friends have told me. It is a very cosmo city... in fact, you don't have to worry about the tap water there. My one friend has been there for four years and he loves it.

What's very interesting is the fact that Dubai is VERY Western... discos, casinos, easy Western trappings, etc., and the Wahabbi whack jobs nor al-Qaeda have not made it a target. Two different who are in the know has told me that Dubai is like Switzerland.. ... it will handle anyone's money without questions asked. Both have told me that banks in Dubai are handling al-Qaeda money and money laundering is a way of life in some parts there.

One person did bring up a point... let's say the PWO gets this contract.. fine. Then al-Qaeda, Hamas or the Iranians want their people working in the USA. If Dubai refuses, then a port gets bombed. Dubai's tourism and trade takes a big hit. Just a thought.

When I was in Istanbul in 2002, a Muslim cabbie said to me, "bin Laden, son of b_tch!!" I laughed a bit and asked him why he said that. He told me that not all Muslims think bin Laden's a hero. 9-11 gave Turkey's tourism industry a drop of over 25% just in 2002. Normally 12 million people a year vacation in Istanbul. In 2002, they said they would be lucky if they 9 million.

Given the fact that al-Qaeda did four bombings in Istanbul in 2003 and '04 gave it another big hit.

Dubai's tourism isn't such a big part of the UAE's economy like tourism is to Turkey, but a bombing or two would give a big shock to Dubai.

Scott said...

I guess this is the final word. Politics has trumped economics. Security was never really an issue.

It was all about political posturing for the upcoming elections.

Sad, really.

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