Monday, March 20, 2006

This Normal Life

This blog of mine serves two purposes for me:

First, it is a family-sharing web site whereby I can post pictures, artwork, stories, and videos of the family and share that with our extended family around the globe. It's a nicely formatted, easy to use, and fun to keep updated web site for that purpose.

Second, it is my not-so-private journal. I have little modesty, so I don't mind people reading my journal. I have named my journal This Normal Life, and in it, I have a place to do some writing and capture some of the family history which I often feel compelled to store for posterity. As with any family, we have a rich history of amusing and interesting stories which are largely passed on in an oral tradition, and begin to be lost as people start to pass away.

Starting with my grandparents, who are all now dead, passing on through my parents and their siblings, on through my generation and into my kids, there are stories to be told and captured. Someday, I will weave these into a complete chronological book. But for now, I am content simply to capture them.

One thing that Blogger is not really suited for is ordering various postings into a complete single place. My postings for This Normal Life (TNL) are scattered and peppered throughout various months of the blog. It's difficult to go back and read through them in order. So, I have decided to capture that material here, and will post updates as I write more. This is really mostly just for my own use, but others in the family may find it useful.

This Normal Life

Chapter 1: Okies

Chapter 2: Introducing Michael and Scott
Unassigned chapter material
The more recent stuff, including Eddie and Luke is not yet included in TNL. My intention is to end TNL at the proposal of my marriage. I believe a little distance in time is need to write memoir material that has been fully digested in my subconscious. Therefore, Luke and Eddie will occupy TNL II - The Sequel.

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