Monday, March 06, 2006

Aquaria Page Stats

My reef aquarium has had its own web page — Scott's Reef Aquarium Home Page — devoted to it for about eleven years. It was the first web page I ever published, and it's been out there a long time. It's been in Google, Yahoo and MSN searches for a long, long time. I've been counting page hits to the page since that time and have about 19,000 total page hits to date. So, it's sort of "established."

I've only recently started tracking the stats using and there are some very interesting revelations:

  • 99% of the hits come from Google searching, specifically, Google image searches based on scientific genus/species names of various animals and plants in the aquarium
  • 99% of all hits are first time hits (i.e. not returning visitors)
  • 50% of the hits are in the U.S.A. 20% are Canada. The rest are spread somewhat uniformly throughout the world, with Europe taking the next most, but Asia having a reasonably large showing. (No hits yet from South America, but I think it's only a matter of time.)
  • I get, on average, about 30 hits a day, equating to about 30 unique visitors a day.
One of my conclusions is that since people are searching for genus/species names in Latin, the web page is relatively "language agnostic", accounting for the larger number of international hits on this page than on my blog page.

Here is a breakdown of the countries hitting the page.

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