Tuesday, February 28, 2006

scott's ravings -- World Update

Things are picking up... the last few weeks have seen new hits arriving from South America (Santiago, Chile, to be exact), Europe (Finland and France) and Asia (Singapore and Japan). I now have at least one hit in every continent except Antarctica. It's really kinda cool!


Masta Zilla said...

Wow, what a cool idea with the map. How do I do that?


Scott said...

It's easy and free. Just go to ClustrMaps.com to set one up for yourself.

Laura said...

hey! i'm from Catalonia. It's my first time in your blog. Catalonia it's a small country (included in spain) with great people. I hope one day you'll be here for holidays! have a nice day.

Barry said...

I'm from Elbonia. We here too we love your site, but our, how you say, leaders block our access.
Thank goodness for wifi at Starbucks ;-)

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