Monday, February 06, 2006

Featured Movie of the Week - Train Table

Last January, I built the boys this awesome train table for their Lego trains. It is really cool, if I do say so myself. It folds completely up into the wall of the basement when not in use.

It's made out of a piece of 8 ft. x 4 ft. solid MDF with edge moldings on it to dress it up. I connected it to the wall with a 2x4 stud and two four foot piano hinges; locking clips at the top to hold it in the closed position. The three legs on it swing out on heavy duty gate hinges to hold it in the table position.

Then the boys and I painted a simple landscape on it and laid the track in an interesting pattern. The track is nailed down, so that it doesn't move when the table is closed up.

The Lego trains, by the way, are really cool too! The Amtrak one has lights that light and a cool two story dining car with sleeping bunks below. The freight train has a mock diesel engine, boxcar, flatbed and hopper car. Majorly cool.

You can see Mom in the outskirts of the movie on "Lego repair duty."

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