Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Updating my whole web page

I've decided to make this blog page my front page for scott-harris.org. I've now replaced the old web page, which I think I was the only person accessing, with a redirect to scott's ravings. All of the links at that page are now available in the sidebar to the right. I've also added a set of links to blogs that I really enjoy reading.

Also, I pulled another domain name for myself. I now also have scottsravings.org, which (obviously) points to this web page also.

Eventually, I would like to figure out how to get the ftp working between Blogger and Netfirms (my hosting company). It worked the first time I ever tried it, and then never again. It also works when I ftp to my home server, but it hangs with Netfirms. And I don't know why. If I could get it working, I could remove the redirect on scott-harris.org and just host my blog myself (rather than using blogspot.com). But for now, the redirection pointers will work fine.

My old webpage is still available at scott-harris.org/oldindex.shtml.

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