Saturday, December 03, 2005

National Museum of the American Indian

We visited the Smithsonian's NMAI. It's a very nice museum, beautiful architecture, and very interesting (yet sad) inside. Clearly, it's been created by Indians. It comes across almost as a Holocaust museum, which I suppose, sadly, is exactly what Native American history is. But as such, it didn't have a lot to keep the kids entertained.

Our favorite part was the cafeteria, where you get to sample native foods from all over America, North and South. I had a black bean-filled tamale with plantains and yucca. Becky had a chicken burrito-thing with a wonderful pine-nut, tomato, pumpkin, and golden raisin fruit salad. Eddie ate a buffalo burger, and Luke ate "All-American" chicken nuggets. That's really my favorite way to explore culture... through their food!

Here's some photos.

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